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Naylor & Company is a fiduciary-based, holistic wealth management group. Our goal is to strengthen, protect and provide clarity to your financial goals so you can pursue the things that matter most.


1. Goals Based Planning

Every client of Naylor & Company is unique. Therefore, we tailor each financial plan to meet the needs of each individual client. Our holistic financial planning method is a comprehensive strategy that considers our clients goals, principles and financial experiences. This approach means we look at all aspects of a client’s financial life rather than focusing on certain life stages or utilizing a product-based approach. We strive to assist clients in creating a plan that encompasses the individual parts of their financial life while ensuring that all parts work together.

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2. Wealth Strategy & Investments

Investment Philosophy

At Naylor & Company, we believe that owning competitive companies that serve predictable and fundamental consumer needs is essential to prospering with investments. We prefer companies that earn high returns on equity, provide goods and services superior to their competitors and operate in industries that have long-term growth trajectories. When we make an investment, we plan to hold it for several years because we view ourselves as business owners rather than stock traders.

Tax Efficiency 

Naylor & Company tends to hold investments for relatively long periods of time, generally 3-to-5 years or more. As a result, gains are typically classified as long-term capital gains, and receive more favorable tax treatment. This is especially important for investments in taxable accounts.

Range of Account Types

Naylor & Company manages regular brokerage accounts, IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Trust Accounts and Individual 401k accounts. We work with clients to determine the best account for the client’s needs and overall tax situation.

Separately Managed Accounts

Client funds are held in separately managed accounts in the client’s name at independent brokers/custodians, such as Interactive Brokers. 


Clients have 24-hour access to their brokerage accounts and full online transparency of all their holdings, transactions and account records. The independent broker ensures private, secure access to client accounts.


Naylor & Company does not accept fees or compensation from any brokerage firm or mutual fund company. We have no incentive to select one investment over another, apart from the client’s own interest. 

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3. Tax Strategy

At Naylor & Company, we take a proactive approach to tax planning. Besides assisting the growth of wealth through investments, our goal is to help you keep your wealth through prudent tax management strategies. We are ever mindful of maximizing after-tax returns and deciding which asset class makes the most sense. We will work with you and/or CPA to formulate the best tax strategy.

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4. Estate Planning

Naylor & Company will create and implement a tailored plan to ensure your wealth management and preservation goals are met for future generations.

We will be available to see your estate plans through, continue to manage existing assets and prepare for the generational transfer of wealth by collaborating as a team with your CPA and estate planning attorney.

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