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Chad Naylor

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Chad Naylor is the CEO and CIO of Naylor & Company. He is directly responsible for making all investment selections in the Naylor & Company Core Composite.

Chad comes from a family steeped in investing history, going back three generations. The central topic of family discussions throughout his life was investing in the stock market. From a young age, he made his own investment decisions and furthered the family practice of holding quality companies through good times and bad.

In college, Chad studied Anthropology, which deepened his insights into historical human trends. He then studied law and practiced as a corporate lawyer for 12 years. This work intensified his ability to critically analyze the conditions of industries in recovery and the investment prospects of the companies in those industries.

After seeing a strong need in the investment industry for the type of investing style developed by his family, he founded Naylor & Company in 2003. His focused approach and concern for the success of his clients have engendered a level of trust, confidence and communication rare in the industry.

Chad graduated with Highest Distinction from Indiana University and Summa Cum Laude from Indiana University School of Law.

Chad Naylor
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